Snowkiting in Bulgaria


  • 7 days of accommodation in mountain hotel with breakfast

  • Spot Guide

  • Professional video and photo footage  (camera)

  • Flysurfer demo gear 

  • 7 days clinic with professional coach. A dedicated professional coach will help you improve your snowkiting to a whole new level. PERSONALIZED COACHING - At the start of the clinic, we'll create a personalized plan. This way we can constructively work towards your goals. THEORY LESSONS - An important pillar in learning a new skill is understanding the theory behind it. VIDEO ANALYSIS - Seeing yourself making the mistake, a crucial part of learning new skills. During the whole clinic, we'll have a cameraman on the beach.





Learn to snowkite in Bulgaria


  • 7 days of accommodation mountain hotel wih breakfast

  • Spot Guide

  • Professional video and photo footage (camera)

  • Flysurfer demo gear 

  • 6 Hour Course

  • 9 Hour Course

  • 12 Hour Course

  • Pick up and drop off from Airport





Snowkiting Backcountry Expeditons


  • Spot Guide

  • Many different spots to snowkite

  • explore more than 3 different mountain ranges

  • Professional video and photo footage (camera)

  • Flysurfer demo gear 

  • 7 Days Accommodations

  • Food

  • Transport

  • Airport pick up and drop off



Snowkite in Bulgaria

About Snowkiting in Bulgaria

Most of the snowkiting activities will be done at Vitosha Mountain around just 30 minutes from Sofia above the city. Our Backcountry options will Access 3 different mountain ranges. Vitosha mountain is the Meca for snowkiting in Bulgaria. Its a mountain that rises 2290m above capital city Sofia. Its solo mountain meaning that its not obstructed by other peaks making the wind - one of the best in the world. Above 1800m of elevation its all white open wide  fields with beautiful ladscape.

Our Services

  •  Perfect organization from A to Z

  • Ultimate Relaxation

  • Best value for the money

  • Ultimate freedom

  • Endless spots to explore with local guidance 

  • Professional video and photo footage (drone and camera)

  • Flysurfer Demo gear 

  • Accommodations

  • Lesson

  • Pro Camps and Clinics

  • Pick and drop off from airport

Information on Lessons

Snowkiting Lessons and courses

3 Hours • 120 Euro - 3 Hour beginner course

  • Formal opening, selection of the best conditions for training, safety rules, preparation of kite equipment, crisis management, wind theory, practical training with the kite.

  • Preparation of kites, safe take- off and landing of kites, standing-up using the kite, starting to ride with kite on a ski or with snowboard

  • Riding there and back, stopping the ride

  • Training of the upwind rising, practicing of simple maneuvers and turns,

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General Information

For safety reasons, you should learn snowkiting in a professional school. In the snowkite course you will learn weather & wind, the basics of kite handling and important maneuvers in the snow.

Vitosha Snowkite School adjusts the courses to the level and experience of the participants. We offer courses for beginners, advanced and intermediate courses for kite surfers, who have little experience on the snow with foilkites. For experienced kiters there is also a guiding for snowkite backcountry tours on Vitosha Mountain

With a good training, it is possible to safely practice snowkiting with skis or snowboards.


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